PRS Information

General Information


We would like to remind you that this event is public disclosure from the perspective of any patentable technologies. Records of Invention should be filed with the tech transfer before public disclosure.

Please note only postdoctoral scholars and research scientists are eligible to present at the conference, however everyone in the UC Davis community is welcome to attend.
Please note that if oral presentations are full you may be offered the option to present a poster even if you selected a talk. There is limited space and abstracts will be peer reviewed and selected as follows:

  1. Interest of the work to a wide audience
  2. Clarity of the abstract (Clear descriptions for people outside your research field)

Please refrain from highly technical language, abbreviations and jargon specific to your field, as these make the abstracts less accessible to the general community.


Abstract Submission Guidelines


Abstract Format

  • Title must be less than 25 words
  • Abstract text must be less than 200 words (NOTE: judges will only receive first 200 words of the abstract if you submit more text than allotted).


Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Opens - January 3, 2017
  • Abstract Submission Closes - February 17, 2017
  • Decision Emails - March 10, 2017


Submit your abstract Today!




The talks are 10 minutes in length with additional 2 minutes for questions.

The sessions are grouped thematically, but your talk should be understandable and interesting to general academic audience. The sessions are run in parallel, so staying on schedule is very important - you will not be able to talk for longer than your allocated time.

Please arrive 30 minutes before your session starts to the room you are presenting in to upload your slides. There will be a laptop available for your talk, but it is not guaranteed to be either Mac or a PC, so we recommend either pdf format, no animations in powerpoint, or bringing your own laptop (and a mac adapter if needed). Your session chair will be in touch with you closer to the Symposium to inform you more about the computer options.

Finally - there will be prizes awarded for the best talk and runner-up of each session!

As the Symposium is for researchers from all fields, remember to make your work understandable and interesting to everyone. Good luck!



The maximum posting area per poster is 4 feet x 4 feet. It is suggested that a standard A0 (2.759 feet x 3.901 feet) will fit comfortably.

Please remember this this for a general audience and posters will be judged according to clarity and interest as for the talks. There are five $400 prizes for the best posters and $100 gift cards for the five runners up.

On the day please put your poster up by 10:00am to allow maximum time for viewing. Posters need to be taken down before the awards ceremony at 5:00pm.
Posters will be allocated a numbers and distributed in viewing sessions accordingly.  Even numbers will stand at their posters and present in the first session from 10:30 am - 11:30 am coinciding with the first coffee break. The odd numbers will present from 3:00 pm - 4:00pm coinciding with the second coffee break. Poster judges will be circulating at these times please ensure you are there to present you poster and maximize your chance of a prize.